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You can try to break us and make us fall apart, but the fire's in our hearts

reminisce on the memories cause we're gone

Team Kevin, the Kevin Jonas fan support group
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Dedicated to Kevin Jonas
Team Kevin is a non-profit Fan organization
Our goal is to create a community of fans of the sweet rock star Kevin Jonas and show strength in numbers and actions to let Kevin know we love him.
Please Join today and help us send our love to the sweetest guitarist in the world, Kevin Jonas.

Add our myspace! www.myspace.com/goteamkevin

Go Team Kevin!

memoriesofyuna Aseret, Admin, Mod
breathxme kristin, mod
thoseguiltyeyes Jade, mod
xstillwaiting Vanessa, mod

Accepting applications for following spaces

-web designers

-Photo shop ninjas

Join today! Team up and running!

Basic Rules
-Posts must be relevant to Kevin or the Jonas Brothers fandom. They can be anything related that is positive.
-Hate free. On everyone, not just kevin but all the boys, their family, friends, and anyone they have or may date(includes members, because we can all dream)
-No repeat posts, please try and note other members posts before posting your own
-Please be mature here, we are an organization, not a gang of rabid girls.
-Content is PG-13. I know bummer, but please remember we have some very young girls here.
-Lj-cuts apply to any large images(teasers allowed outside of cut) and multiple you-tube references.

Questions, Comments and concerns can be sent to mods.

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